Inflationary Tokens

Other platforms continue to payout with their own tokens. This creates inflation and leads to the devaluation of the token.

Our Story

The crypto investor landscape today offers those with insider information an unfair advantage. We are here to give you that unfair advantage, revealing industry secrets and insider insights to you, our investors and stakers.

More importantly, unlike many other Launchpads out there, even the biggest ones, we will only list projects that we ourselves would invest in. We are not here to make money from you, we are here to make money with you. Together as a community, everyone wins

Introducing ProjectStarter

Founded by a team of crypto-savvy investors who are experts in different arenas of the crypto landscape. We are drawn together by the common purpose of making crypto and blockchain projects accessible to anyone who wants to get involved at the early stage.

We believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at success in the world of crypto. No matter how early or late you decide to get involved, we are here for you. And we want to prove it.

By investing in these projects ourselves, we hope that it will be the vote of confidence and direction our community needed to take that leap of faith with us.

Token Genesis Event TGE INFO

Token distribution is designed with a long term focus on Community and Ecosystem development. This will enable us to perform efficiently as a platform and to attract and encourage quality projects and infrastructure to be built on a long term basis.

We also have set aside resources to enable us to invest and accelerate future projects via our ecosystem fund.

200K BUSD Initial Marketcap
100 Million Total Tokens Supply
2 Million Tokens For Public
0.08 BUSD Presale Price
  • Initial Round 2.5%
  • Seed Round 15%
  • Presales IDO 12.5%
  • Public Sale (Pancake Swap) 2%
  • Staking Rewards 10%
  • Airdrop (Telegram) 1%
  • Team 15%
  • Advisor 2.5%
  • Partners 5%
  • Development 5%
  • Foundation 25%
  • Reserve 5%


Q4 2021

- Team Formation
- Ideas Analysis & Initiation
- Market Fit Research
- Development of Project Plan

Q1 2022

- Creation of WhitePaper & Pitch Deck
- Design of Website and Flow Logic
- Lease of Singapore Office Building for Operations
- Token and Smart Contract Creations

Q2 2022

- Fund Raising From VCs (Seed Round)
- Development of NFT Marketplace
- Project Starter Presale IDO
- Announcing More Partnerships and Collaborations
- Public Sale of ProjectStarter 2 weeks after Presale IDO

Q3 2022

- Selecting and Onboarding new IDO Projects
- Launch NFT Marketplace
- Kick Start and Initiate Incubation Program
- Will also design and mint Projectstarter NFTs for sale to the Community

Executive Team TEAM

Our team’s primary mission is to bring only the highest quality projects.

Gary Liu
Chief Executive Officer
Barry Tan
Chief Staff Officer
Darren Low
Chief Technology Officer
Jenny Tan
Chief Operation Officer

Panel of Advisors

Our team’s primary mission is to bring only the highest quality projects.

Chong Lai
Blockchain & Tech Advisor
Mo Kumarsi
Strategic Expansion Advisor
Ryan Lye
Project Advisor
Jonathan Fang
VC Specialist
James Lee
Business Advisor
Raymond Png
Strategic Business Advisor
Mike Soh
Blockchain Education Advisor
Aaron Yeo
Business Development Advisor
Shaun Chen
Media Relations Advisor

Our Strategic Partners PARTNERS

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Crypto launchpads, also known as crypto incubators, are platforms that allow blockchain-based projects to raise capital while giving access to early-stage token sales for their group of investors. Getting access to early-stage sales means a bargain price for the investors before the public launch on the market. Also, because the cost of launching in a crypto launchpad is low (or insignificant), increasingly more projects are heading towards launchpads for fundraising.

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